Our Vision

To be recognized as the quality affordable solutions for healthcare products by seeking quality in all aspects of our business to take a leading position among pharmaceutical companies in Egypt.

Our Mission

By building integrity, passion for excellence and concern for society, we will provide our community with high quality affordable pharmaceutical products through our High-Tec plant to serve healthcare needs of professionals as well as patients .

Pharmed Healthcare Services

In addition to our own portfolio , we are specialized in contract & Toll manufacturing  for pharmaceutical companies which are looking for high quality Capsules & tablets products . Pharmed has Research and development based manufacturing activities, driven by intellectual capabilities. Pharmed Facility & systems designed in line with international cGMP standards.

About Pharmed production Facility

  • Dedicated HVAC system to all critical process areas with terminal HEPA filters and low level return raisers.
  • Dedicated warehouses for storage of Raw Materials & Finished Goods with dedicated HVAC system. (Provision for Packing Material warehouse in phase 2 expansion).
  • Solvent storage area is equipped with dedicated HVAC system having 100 % fresh air supply (once through system).
  • RH controlled storage area for storage of Empty Hard Gelatin Capsules (RH NMT 50%)
  • Antistatic floor for protecting product, persons and equipment form static electric shocks generated during product handling (in Solvent storage area, Sampling, Dispensing, Granulation areas & coating areas).
  • Dedicated dust extraction system to remove the powder generated during handling.
  • Dedicated area for cleaning of filters (LAF / AHU filters) with wet scrubber.

Word From CEO

  • Being successful in business demands total focus and being dedicated and capable to take the proper decisions.
  • In Pharmed Healthcare, we strive to be a leading company in the pharmaceutical business by producing high quality products with affordable prices through our high technology plant.
  • All our employees with stakeholders strive to demonstrate Pharmed Healthcare as a trustworthy partner, today and well into future.
  • Our guiding values embrace our desire to continuously improve, commitment to excel.
  • Our position in the pharmaceutical market will be strengthened by providing ever better medical solutions and services involving our stakeholders and encouraging cross-functional collaboration.


Dr. Mohamed Mabrouk


Dr Mabrouk T